Category: Paintings

  • Children’s Book Giraffe

    Children’s Book Giraffe

    Once upon a time there lived a giraffe – he was just as curious as he was little – with a very short neck (like all the other giraffes at that time…) And as he grew, he had to stretch his neck more and more to be able to grab the juiciest and sweetest leaves…

  • Watercolor Series

    Watercolor Series

    Watercolor is my passion. Something that I do to unwind. Some of the pieces I created throughout 2022-2024.

  • Norway Series Oil Paintings

    Norway Series Oil Paintings

    Personal project inspired by my 2018 long-dreamt-of trip to Norway. All oil painting are based on my own photos made during that trip. It highlights Norway as I see it – beautiful, strong, severe northern country, where sometimes you have to imagine sunlight in order to see it. But you do appreciate it a 1000…

  • Four Seasons Series Oil Paintings

    Four Seasons Series Oil Paintings

    These Oil Painting Series tell something about women at different stages of our life, different moods and archetypes. Strong or vulnerable, dancing or grieving, we are all different yet all equally beautiful inside and outside.