The Adventures of Mr Rat

Children’s book The Adventures of Mr Rat (original – Пригоди пана Щура) is a 160-paged book by a talented ukrainian author Lesya Sonyashna. A kind-hearted story about a rat, who – despite being a rat, and being raised in the sewers – also deserves love, and friendship, and a home. And eventually finds it.

  • 160 pages
  • 17 chaptes
  • 1.5 years of work on illustrations alone
  • colorful yet tender, watercolor-styled illustrations on each page

Illustrations for this project were shortlisted and printed in the catalogue of The Second International Competition for Illustrators of Books for Children and Youth named after Radna Sakhaltuev

First sketches

Character design

Final version of the main characters:

The main character – Mr Rat, colored version. These images were later used in the instagram page of Mr Rat.

Page layout: from sketch

To final result

And some of my favourite pages

My son Ray and me. A little bit about our creative process. He is my little sunshine who inspires me to create and to share my inner light with each and every one of other youngsters.

Mr Rat has his own Instagram page

Author: Lesya Sonyashna

Layout Designer: Lubomir Olianich

Published by САМІТ-КНИГА in 2023

Buy full book in Ukrainian (17 chapters, 160 pages)

Buy short book in French (3 chapters, 36 pages)