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  • The Adventures of Mr Rat

    The Adventures of Mr Rat

    Children’s book The Adventures of Mr Rat (original – Пригоди пана Щура) is a 160-paged book by a talented ukrainian author Lesya Sonyashna. A kind-hearted story about a rat, who – despite being a rat, and being raised in the sewers – also deserves love, and friendship, and a home. And eventually finds it. Illustrations…

  • Children’s Book Giraffe

    Children’s Book Giraffe

    Once upon a time there lived a giraffe – he was just as curious as he was little – with a very short neck (like all the other giraffes at that time…) And as he grew, he had to stretch his neck more and more to be able to grab the juiciest and sweetest leaves…

  • New Year Postcards

    New Year Postcards

    Personal project in 2020 T-shirt print

  • Head in the Clouds

    Head in the Clouds

    My personal project – an illustration inspired by my son Sketch And this little fella who always inspires me

  • Privatbank Privatization

    Privatbank Privatization

    A series of illustrations about privatization of the largest Ukrainian bank Privatbank

  • Bananza Stickers

    Bananza Stickers

    Sticker pack for the Bananza company that does Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. The task was to play around the company name (hence Banana as the main character) and to add a little (or a lot) of creativity into the routine tasks as well as some inside jokes. From rough sketches: Through working out…

  • In the Moment

    In the Moment

    Illustrations for a YouTube channel In the Moment that contains a series of inspiring interviews about productivity, professional and personal development, living a happy and fulfilled life to the maximum of one’s potential. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel In the Moment

  • Singing Bird

    Singing Bird

    Illustrations for a talented Ukrainian retro-singer Maryna Bogdanova. Later used in all her social media platforms to create her personal brand, followed by some single covers. It all started with Maryna’s portrait Followed by her alter ego – singing bird And some cherry blossom aesthetics Looking good combined together like this And also like this…